As a leader in the development of HVAC systems for electric vehicles, we look to continue to innovate as we see the world continue to move toward a sustainable future with electric vehicles over conventional vehicles.

The ICS electric vehicle HVAC system

The ICS electric vehicle HVAC system delivers maximum heating and cooling performance with a minimized carbon footprint.

Compact design, advanced PTC and heat pump proprietary technology makes ICS the leader in electric heating and cooling systems.

Electric heat pump system

The ICS electric heat pump, or reverse-cycle air conditioning, was developed on the premise of extracting heat from outside of the vehicle and transferring it inside. Next, refrigerant is used to warm or cool the air that is being drawn inside.

This heating system is more efficient, and it can also filter and dehumidify the air – resulting in maximum passenger comfort.

Mastering electric vehicle HVAC

At ICS, we have committed to thermal management with the development of battery cooling and heating plates.  Our wealth of heat-transfer industry experience brings a necessary technology to the forefront of electric vehicle development.